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The Origin and Evolution of FeedFit

Updated: Apr 15

In the bustling urban landscape, pets have become indispensable companions, bringing us companionship, warmth, and boundless joy. However, like their human counterparts, pets also face health challenges, particularly the issue of obesity. The FeedFit story began with a British Shorthair cat named [Fatboy].

When we welcomed this adorable feline to our office, its 20.9-pound figure immediately caught our attention. The veterinarian's warning was clear: [Fatboy] was at risk of developing conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. To help [Fatboy] regain its health, we knew we had to assist with weight loss, which meant carefully controlling its carbohydrate intake, ensuring a high-protein, low-carb diet, and increasing physical activity.

Yet, in a household with seven cats, regulating the food intake of a specific feline proved exceptionally difficult. [Fatboy] often competed for the food of its feline counterparts, complicating the weight loss plan. Faced with this challenge, we decided to take action and developed the first iteration of the FeedFit feeder - a simple AI-powered device crafted from cardboard that could deliver timed and measured meals, enabling [Fatboy] to adhere to the veterinarian's dietary recommendations.

As time passed, [Fatboy]'s weight began to decline, and its overall health improved noticeably. This transformation caught the attention of many friends and colleagues, who inquired about our solution and expressed the need to aid their own cats in shedding excess pounds. This feedback inspired us to further refine and enhance the FeedFit feeder.

We embarked on designing the second version, incorporating more durable materials and conducting extensive testing and optimization. However, we recognized that for some users less experienced with high-tech products, operating the feeder still presented a challenge.

To address this, we meticulously refined the design and introduced the third iteration of the FeedFit feeder. This version not only retained the timed and measured feeding capabilities, but also incorporated a user-friendly interface and a smart identification system, ensuring that the designated feline received the customized portion of food.

The development of FeedFit is rooted in our unwavering commitment to pet health and well-being.

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